Name Title Email Phone
Mr. Ross Abbott Counselor 724-805-2871
Mr. A. Mark Abramovic Instructor, Business Administration 724-805-2931
Rev. Thomas Acklin O.S.B. Professor, Seminary 724-805-2018
Rev. Pio Adamonis O.S.B. Public Relations Associate
Ms. Nancy Adamrovich-Ramaley Administrative Systems Analyst 724-805-2437
Rev. Emmanuel Afunugo Assistant Professor, Seminary 724-805-2473
Rev. Benoit Alloggia O.S.B. St. Benedict Foundation President 724-805-2607
Mr. Jonathan Alvarez Assistant Coach, Football 724-805-2187
Mr. Devin Anderson Assistant Coach, Football 724-805-2987
Rev. Shawn Anderson O.S.B. Assistant Professor, Biology 724-805-2575
Mr. Terry Anderson Public Safety Officer 724-805-2311
Ms. Christina Andrae Associate Director 724-805-2259
Mr. Keith Ankney Custodian 724-537-4555
Prof. Bruce Antkowiak J.D. Legal Counsel 724-805-2940
Daniele Arcara Ph.D. Professor, Mathematics 724-805-2934
Mr. Dennis Augustine Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Corliss Aukerman Fiscal/Office Manager 724-805-2050
John Aupperle Ph.D. Campus Minster 724-805-2822
Ms. Debora Babilya Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Mr. Ronald Baldonieri Assistant Coach, Football 724-805-2987
Ms. Rose Barchesky Coordinator of Wellness Programming/Counselor 724-805-2115
Mr. William Barnes Assistant Dean of Admission 724-805-2892
James Barnett Ph.D. Associate Professor, Biology 724-805-2358
Mr. Timothy Bates Business Analyst 724-805-2471
Ms. Janice Bauer Emergency Telecomm Operator 724-805-2888
Mr. Patrick Bauer Emergency Telecomm Operator 724-805-2888
Ms. Courtney Baum Director/Career Consultant, Career Center 724-805-2253
Mr. Robert Baum Dean of Students, Student Affairs 724-805-2777
Mr. Charles Beard Camerata Rehearsal and Concert Service
Rev. Msgr. Michael Becker Assistant Professor, Seminary
Ms. Nicole Beckett Assistant Director 724-805-2621
Kathleen Beining Ed.D. Assistant Professor, Education Department 724-805-2981
Mr. John Bell Dir of Carey Fitness Center/Strength & Conditioning Coord 724-805-2666
Ms. Angela Belli Director, Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve 724-537-4588
Mr. James Bendel Director, Planned Giving 724-805-2948
Elaine Bennett Ph.D. Associate Professor, Sociology/Anthropology 724-805-2602
Ms. Mara Benvenuti RHD - Part-Time 724-805-2567
Mr. James Berger Assoc. Dir., for Marketing & Communications, Public Relation 724-805-2212
Bruce Bethke Ph.D. Associate Professor, Biology 724-805-2535
Ms. Christine Bierbower Grants Coordinator 724-805-2223
Stacy Birmingham Ph.D. Professor of Engineering Sciences 724-805-2754
William Birmingham Ph.D. Professor, Computing 724-805-2435
Jessica Black Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Psychology 724-805-2134
Ms. Wendy Black Background Clearance Coordinator 724-805-2534
Doreen Blandino Ph.D. Professor, Modern & Classical Languages 724-805-2282
Ms. Mary Anne Blistan Secretary 724-805-2386
Ms. Anna Blon Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Gilbert Bogner Ph.D. Associate Professor, History 724-805-2338
Ms. Beth Bollinger Lab Manager 724-805-2353
Mr. Nate Bollinger Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball 724-805-2405
Ms. Theresa Bonar Kitchen Aid 724-805-2305
Rev. Brian Boosel O.S.B. Assistant Professor, History 724-805-2561
Ms. Vicky Booth Head of Facility Housekeeping 724-805-2470
Ms. Anna Borges Graduate Coordinator of Student Activities -Part-Time 724-805-2619
Ms. Carol Borland Coordinator of Experiential Learning in Teacher Education 724-805-2944
Alexander Borselli Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Mathematics 724-805-2336
John Borza DNP Nurse Anesthesia Director in Health Sciences 724-805-2631
Mr. Robert Brackney Public Safety Officer 724-805-2311
Mr. Greggory Brandt Director of Stage and Summer Theatre 724-805-2229
Ms. Marsha Brasile Payroll Administrator 724-832-1417
Derek Breid Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Engineering Sciences 724-805-2489
Ms. Monika Brezinski Work Input Clerk 724-537-4555
Ms. Celine Brudnok Registrar 724-805-2720
Ms. Janet Bunch Assistant to the Director of Development Club 724-805-2217
Ms. Kathy Burd Classroom Aide 724-805-2378
Mr. Alexander Byers Assistant Director, Digital Media, Marketing & Communication 724-805-2657
Rev. Andrew Campbell O.S.B. Public Relations Associate 724-805-2908
Ms. Dawn Campbell Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball 724-805-2053
Br. David Carlson O.S.B. Associate Professor, Computing 724-805-2416
Ms. Marisa Carlson Director of Academic Accommodations 724-805-2828
Mr. Douglas Carns Senior Programmer Analyst 724-805-2673
Ms. Donna Cartia S.A.P. Assistant Coordinator 724-805-2050
Ms. Rebecca Casale Intervention Specialist 724-805-2050
Ms. Julia Cavallo Director, Assessment and Institutional Research 724-805-2425
Mr. Albert Cecconello Carpenter 724-537-4555
Ms. Juli Cehula Student Conduct Officer 724-805-2351
Mr. Richard Cella Public Safety Officer 724-805-2311
Chunhui Che Visiting Assistant Professor, Modern & Classical Language 724-805-2005
Rev. Athanasius Cherry O.S.B. Director of Infirmary 724-532-6651
Ms. Jenna Churilla Director, Residence Life/Student Conduct/Career Consultant 724-805-2176
Ms. Lauren Churilla Curator 724-805-2188
Mr. Donald Clark Admissions Data Clerk 724-805-2221
Thomas Cline Ph.D. Professor, Business Administration 724-805-2272
Rev. Wulfstan Clough O.S.B. Associate Professor, English 724-805-2319
Cornelius Coleman II, Ph.D. Assistant Coach Football, Admin 724-805-2986
Mr. David Collins Counselor - PT 724-805-2009
Ms. Mary Collins Vice President of Student Affairs 724-805-2567
Mr. Anthony Concannon Network Services Manager 724-805-2028
Rev. Stephen Concordia O.S.B. Camerata Rehearsal and Concert Service 724-805-2481
Ms. Abbey Conrad Graduate Fellows
Mrs. Allison Conrad Graduate Fellows
Ms. Lori Conrad Custodian 724-537-4555
Mr. J. Conroy Counselor - PT 724-805-2508
Rev. Cyprian Constantine O.S.B. Director of Liturgical Formation 724-805-2332
Thaddeus Coreno Ph.D. Associate Professor, Sociology/Anthropology 724-805-2117
Mr. James Costic Assistant Coach, Men's Golf 724-805-2111
Rev. Patrick Cronauer O.S.B. Academic Dean/Professor 724-805-2324
Ms. Dina Crystaloski Custodian 724-537-4555
Mr. David Cullen Act 101 Professional Tutor 724-805-2255
Rev. Bonaventure Curtis O.S.B. Assistant Professor, Business Administration 724-537-4597
Sarah Daly, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Criminology, Law, and Society 724-805-2689
Ms. Grettelyn Darkey Camerata Rehearsal and Concert Service
Mr. Guy Davis Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Joan Davis Director of Advancement Communications and Stewardship 724-805-2215
Mr. Zachary Davis Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Economics 724-805-2193
Ms. Katherine Deegan Secretary 724-537-4551
Br. George DeFazio O.S.B. Assistant to Director of Campus Ministry
Ms. Elaine DeGlau Cashier 724-805-2248
Mr. Carl DeiCas Head Coach, Men's Soccer 724-805-2433
Ms. Patricia Dellinger Supervisor of Accounting 724-805-2238
Mr. Robert Demangone Kitchen Aid - Part-Time 724-532-6651
Robert DePasquale Ph.D. Professor, Business Administration 724-537-4589
Ms. Kimberly Dickert-Wallace Career Consultant 724-805-2645
Ms. Elizabeth DiGiustino Cataloger/Technical Services 724-805-2310
Ms. Kathleen Dillon Graphic Design Assistant
Ms. Lana Dillon Human Resource Assistant 724-805-2266
Ms. Bridget DiVittis Assistant Director of Campus Ministry, Spiritual Formation 724-805-2025
Ms. Kelly Doman Camerata Rehearsal and Concert Service
Ms. Gloria Dowden Custodian 724-537-4555
Mr. J. Dowler Carpenter 724-537-4555
Ms. Leann Downs Special Education Teacher 724-805-2378
Michelle Duennes Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Biology 724-805-2329
Mr. Adam Dukate Assistant Coach, Baseball 724-805-2446
Mr. Thomas Duman Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse 724-805-2111
Sarah Dumnich Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Mathematics 724-805-2631
Ms. Dianne Dunlap Receptionist 724-805-2500
Mr. Edward Dunlap Front Ensemble, Drumline, Drill Instructor
Ms. Mary Ann Dunlap Secretary for Alumni Affairs 724-805-2568
Ms. Clydene Duran Administrative Assistant 724-805-2307
Ms. Hannah Earhart Graduate Fellows
Rabbi Jason Edelstein Associate Professor, Theology 724-805-2304
Ms. Donna Edmonds Associate Director/Regional Recruitment 724-805-2496
Br. Cassian Edwards O.S.B. Assistant to Director of Campus Ministry
Ms. Linda Eicher Academic Advisor & Professional Tutor 724-805-2941
Ms. Carmen Eisaman Administration Assistant 724-805-2607
Mr. Matthew Elam Academic Advisor & Professional Tutor 724-805-2713
Ms. Suzanne English Vice President of Marketing & Communications 724-805-2660
Veronica Ent Ed.D. Associate Professor, Education 724-805-2586
Mr. Douglas Eppley Director of Facilities, Capital Management, and Planning 724-532-5034
Ms. Jennifer Eppolito Horticulturist Educator At Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve 724-537-4588
Thomas Ernst Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Modern & Classical Language 724-805-2876
Mr. Jose Estevez Assistant Coach, Football 724-805-2187
Mr. Justin Fabin Director of Technical Services 724-805-2669
Sgt. Robert Fago Public Safety Officer Supervisor 724-805-2311
Stephanie Fago Director, Public Safety 724-805-2923
Ms. Marissa Falkosky Graduate Fellows
Melinda Farrington Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Communication 724-805-2589
Devin Fava Ph.D. Associate Professor, Psychology 724-805-2132
Charles Fazzi Ph.D. Professor, Business Administration 724-805-2194
Ms. Mariah Ferraco Graduate Fellows
Mr. George Fetkovich Art Director 724-805-2648
Mr. Carl Filmore Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Samantha Firestone Assistant to the VPSA & Dean of Students 724-805-2399
Caryl Fish Ph.D. Professor, Interdisciplinary Science 724-805-2355
Daryle Fish Ph.D. Associate Professor, Chemistry 724-805-2294
Matthew Fisher Ph.D. Professor, Chemistry 724-805-2356
Miss Eileen Flinn Esq. Title IX Coordinator 724-805-2897
Ms. Gretchen Flock Director/Personal Counselor, Wellness Center 724-805-2209
Br. Mark Floreanini O.S.B. Associate Professor, Art 724-805-2286
Paul Follansbee Ph.D. Professor of Engineering Sciences 724-805-2448
Ms. Christine Foschia Assistant Vice President, Found, Govern & Corp Relations 724-805-2524
Jerome Foss Ph.D. Associate Professor, Political Science 724-805-2652
Ms. Janice Fox Act 101 Professional Tutor 724-805-2255
Ms. Roxanne Fox Office Manager 724-805-2186
Mr. Sean Fox Act 101 Professional Tutor 724-805-2255
Janet Franicola Ed.D. Assistant Professor, Education Department 724-805-2475
Mr. Sean Fraunholtz Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Stephanie Frey Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Ms. Sandra Frye Administrative Assistant, Legal Counsel 724-805-2670
Mr. John Furwa Preventive Maintenance Tech 724-537-4555
Br. Albert Gahr O.S.B. Associate Professor, Biology 724-805-2328
Ms. Suzanne Galando Circulation Desk Assistant, Part-Time 724-805-2966
Ms. Renee Garbeglio Associate Director for Events and Visit Coordination 724-805-2544
Mr. Dennis Garman Cemetery Manager 724-532-5045
Ms. Mary Gazal Director of Financial Aid 724-805-2627
Ms. Donna Gerhart Administrative Assistant 724-805-2146
Ms. Dolores Ghiardi Librarian Technician 724-805-2520
Mr. Dennis Gilbert Associate Director, Career Center 724-805-2254
Ms. Michelle Gil-Montero Associate Professor, English 724-805-2317
Ms. Margaret Glover Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Leah Gmuer Custodian 724-537-4555
Jeffrey Godwin Ph.D. Associate Professor, Business Administration 724-805-2862
Mr. Shawn Gouch Director of Alumni Affairs 724-805-2894
Ms. Molly Grace Lab Manager 724-805-2361
Mr. Kenneth Graf Custodian 724-537-4555
Steven Gravelle Ph.D. Associate Professor, Chemistry 724-805-2463
Mrs. Romi Green Chemical Hygiene Coordinator 724-805-2410
Mr. Tyler Gross Fireman 724-537-4555
Rev. Anthony Grossi O.S.B. Manager of the Bookstore 724-537-4557
David Grumbine Ph.D. Professor, Physics 724-805-2462
Ms. Amanda Gunther Coordinator for Graduate and Continuing Education 724-805-2933
Mr. Josh Gurekovich Head Coach, Swimming 724-805-2712
Ms. Victoria Gyenes Global Trade Manager 724-805-2562
Mr. Jordan Hainsey Assistant Director of Art Gallery 724-805-8229
Mr. George Halderman Emergency Telecomm Operator 724-805-2311
Ms. Mary Ann Hamilton Circulation Desk Assistant, Part-Time 724-805-2966
Mr. Donald Hantz Painter 724-537-4555
Ms. Lori Hantz Custodian 724-537-4555
Mr. Seth Harbaugh Public Relations Associate 724-805-2830
Ms. Paula Harhai Circulation Desk Assistant, Part-Time 724-805-2966
Mr. Clint Harmon Custodian 724-537-4555
Mr. Don Paul Harris Associate Athletic Director 724-805-2450
Mr. Mark Harris Camerata Rehearsal and Concert Service
Ms. Correne Harskowitch Circulation Desk Assistant, Part-Time
Ms. Sara Hart Director of International Education 724-805-2064
Rev. Thomas Hart O.S.B. Assistant for Mission 724-805-2322
Jessica Harvey Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Communication 724-805-2821
Ms. Catherine Heacox Custodian 724-805-2385
Ms. Denise Hegemann Assistant Director/Bibliographic Instruction Librarian 724-805-2370
Very Rev. Earl Henry O.S.B. Prior 724-532-6658
Andrew Herr Ph.D. Associate Professor, Economics 724-805-2130
Ms. Denise Heydorn Advancement Coordinator 724-805-2656
Rev. Boniface Hicks O.S.B. Director of Spiritual Formation 724-532-6662
Ms. Amy Hildebrand Director Bearcat B.E.S.T. 724-805-2378
Mr. Derek Hile Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Laurie Hillis Secretary/Data Entry 724-805-2050
Matthew Hillwig Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Chemistry 724-805-2676
Mr. Richard Hinerman Assistant Coach, Women's Softball 724-805-2404
Br. Norman Hipps O.S.B. President 724-805-2271
Mr. Scott Hirst Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Vera Hisker Act 101 Professional Tutor 724-805-2941
Rev. Dr. William Hisker Ph.D. Professor, Business Administration 724-532-5054
Mr. Andrew Hoffman Assistant Coach Football, Admin 724-805-2984
Ms. Cindy Hoffman Director of Web Services 724-805-2573
Mr. David Hollenbaugh Associate Vice President 724-805-2590
Mr. Thomas Holowaty Associate Professor, Business Administration 724-805-2192
Ms. Bridget Hornyak Public Service Librarian 724-805-2484
Ms. Kim Houck Mailing Coordinator 724-805-2210
Mr. Douglas Hough Graduate Fellows
Mr. John Howard Graduate Fellows
Ms. Susan Hozak Associate Athletic Director 724-805-2112
Ms. Anita Hudock Office Manager 724-537-4572
Mr. John Hunter Plumber 724-537-4555
Mr. Logan Hunter Mailing and Duplicating Assistant
Peter Hutchinson Ph.D. Development Officer
Mrs. Melissa Intrepido Major Gift Officer 724-805-2922
Ms. Kayla Jachimowski Assistant Professor, Criminology, Law, and Society 724-805-2762
Br. Benedict Janecko O.S.B. Assistant Manager 724-805-2332
Mr. Michael Janosko Head Coach, Baseball 724-805-2396
Jason Jividen Ph.D. Associate Professor, Political Science 724-805-2825
Ms. Krista Jobe Human Anatomy Lab Manager 724-805-2690
Stephen Jodis Ph.D. Dean of Boyer Sch. Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Computing 724-805-2640
Tina Johnson Ph.D. Professor, History 724-805-2342
Ms. Judith Jones Intervention Specialist 724-805-2050
Mr. Shannon Jordan Director of Development, Archabbey, Seminary and Apostolates 724-532-6740
Ms. Beth Ann Joseph Manager, Prevention Education & Community Outreach Services 724-805-2050
Ms. Barbara Joyce Administrator, Human Resource Services 724-805-2267
Linda Jukes Ed.D. Assistant Professor, Education Department 724-805-2515
Mr. Andrew Julo Curator, Saint Vincent Art & Heritage Collection 724-805-2107
Ms. Amanda Jupena Assoc. Dir., Marketing and Communication of Digital Marketin 724-805-2671
Ms. Heather Kabala Dean of Admission 724-805-2960
Mr. John Kachmar Jr. Controller 724-805-2243
Mr. Michael Kalp Emergency Telecomm Operator 724-805-2888
Rev. Philip Kanfush O.S.B. Associate Professor, Education 724-805-2417
Ms. Nicole Karr Head Coach, Women's Softball 724-805-2111
Ms. Karen Kaszycki Registered Nurse 724-805-2305
Ms. Donna Kean Executive Director, Prevention Projects 724-805-2050
Ms. Amber Keefer Assistant Director 724-805-2295
Rev. Robert Keffer O.S.B. Director of the Art Gallery
Karen Kehoe Ph.D. Associate Professor, History 724-805-2734
James Kellam Ph.D. Associate Professor, Biology 724-805-2171
Br. David Kelly O.S.B. Director of Latimer Family Libraries 724-805-2644
Timothy Kelly Ph.D. Professor, History 724-805-2340
Mr. William Keltz Sexton 724-805-2469
Mrs. Emily Kenna Camerata Rehearsal and Concert Service
Ms. Cheryl Kerin Custodian 724-537-4555
Jason King Ph.D. Professor, Theology 724-805-2842
Ms. Kelly King Director of Service Learning & Outreach 724-805-2758
Mr. Richard King Technical Specialist/Locksmith 724-805-2517
Rev. Myron Kirsch O.S.B. Director of Athletics 724-805-2111
Ms. Kimberly Kissell Assistant Coach, Women's Tennis 724-805-2111
Ms. Lisa Klancher Kitchen Aid - Part-Time
Ms. Kathryn Klawinski Assistant
Eric Kocian Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Criminology, Law, and Society 724-805-2536
Jennifer Koehl Ph.D. Associate Professor, Biology 724-805-2357
Rev. Rene Kollar O.S.B. Professor, History 724-805-2343
Ms. Judy Komarinski Program Coordinator 724-805-2255
Mr. Jeffrey Kopetsky Grounds Keeper 724-532-4555
Ms. Michelle Kozusko Data Management Specialist 724-805-2198
Ms. Cheri Kramer Assistant Director of Financial Aid 724-805-2584
Mr. Randall Kratofil Student Affairs Specialist
Michael Krom Ph.D. Professor, Philosophy 724-805-2844
Ms. Concetta Krznaric Nurse 724-805-2069
Ms. Eva Kunkel Executive Assistant McKenna School 724-537-4597
Mr. James Kunkel Executive Director 724-805-2526
Mr. Ryan Kuntz Service Desk Analyst 724-805-2572
Ms. Marsha Kush Administrative Assistant 724-805-2814
Mr. Joseph Lane Public Safety Officer 724-805-2311
Mr. Jonathan Lapinsky Service Desk Analyst 724-805-2560
Ms. Jacqueline Latimer Receptionist 724-805-2382
Rev. Meinrad Lawson O.S.B. Assistant to the Archabbot 724-805-2362
Mr. Bruce Leapline Nurse Assistant (CNA) 724-532-6651
Ms. Emma Lee Senior Program Associate 724-805-2868
George Leiner Ph.D. Associate Professor, Philosophy 724-805-2392
Ms. Susanna Lemberskaya-Khait Staff Accompanist 724-805-2454
Ms. Tina Lepidi-Stewart Assistant Tailor 724-805-2138
Br. Hugh Lester O.S.B. Financial Analyst 724-805-2139
Ms. Sharon Lewis Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Bo Liang Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Business Administration 724-805-2191
Sara Lindey Ph.D. Associate Professor, English 724-805-2431
Rev. Killian Loch O.S.B. Director, Campus Ministry 724-805-2679
Ms. Katherine Luchini Simple Interactions Projects Assistant 724-805-2333
Ronald Lupori Ed.D. Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer 724-805-2433
Mr. John Luther Custodian 724-537-4555
Br. Lawrence Machia O.S.B. Assistant Director, Campus Ministry 721-805-2350
Ms. Judith Maher Director of Human Resources 724-805-2581
Mr. Peter Mahoney Chief Information Officer 724-805-2382
Mr. Dillon Main RHD - Part-Time 724-805-2567
Mohamed Maize Ph.D. Professor, Physics 724-805-2366
Ms. Laura Mallery Assistant Coach, Women's Golf 724-805-2111
Br. Elliott Maloney O.S.B. Professor, Seminary 724-805-2323
Mr. Robert Markley Jr. Instructor, Business Administration 724-805-2815
Ms. Lois Marko Cogan Nurse Assistant 724-532-6651
Ms. Jody Marsh Office and Services Coordinator 724-805-2350
Ms. Tammy Marsh Administrative Assistant Boyer School 724-805-2631
Cynthia Martincic Ph.D. Associate Professor, Computing 724-805-2418
Rev. Matthias Martinez O.S.B. Assistant 724-805-2309
Mrs. Linda Massari Custodian 724-537-4555
Rev. Justin Matro O.S.B. Assistant Professor, Seminary 724-805-2503
Very Rev. Edward Mazich O.S.B. Rector & Professor 724-805-2845
Mr. Michael Mazik Public Safety Officer 724-805-2311
Ms. Barbara McAllister Administrative Assistant 724-805-2552
Ms. Kate McCauley Assistant to the Athletic Director 724-805-2226
Mary Beth McConahey Ph.D. Assistant Director, CPET 724-805-2537
Dennis McDaniel Ph.D. Associate Professor, English 724-805-2150
Mr. Dennis McDonough Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Ms. Carol McDowell Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper 724-805-2239
Mr. Colin McLaughlin Coordinator of Residence Life 724-805-2567
Christopher McMahon Ph.D. Associate Professor, Theology 724-805-2841
Tracy McNelly Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Education Department 724-805-2447
Ms. Amy Meade Assistant Director/Personal Counselor, Wellness Center 724-805-2614
Ms. Diane Meadows Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Mr. Michael Meketa Camerata Rehearsal and Concert Service
Ms. Kimberley Metzgar Director of Public Relations 724-805-2601
Ms. Maria Meyers Gift Processor 724-805-2268
Mrs. Ann Miles Assistant
Ms. Tamara Miller Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Lori Mills Associate Director of Financial Aid 724-805-2542
Eric Mohr Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Philosophy 724-805-2390
Ms. Dorothy Monroe Administrative Assistant 724-805-2552
Ms. Helen Moore Laundress 724-532-4555
Ms. Laurie Moorhead Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Ms. Linda Morlacci Associate Director, Foundations, Government & Corp Relations 724-805-2963
Ms. Elizabeth Morris Administrative Assistant to the Rector 724-805-2592
Ms. Karonia Morrison Administrative Assistant 724-805-2720
Ms. Kimberly Morrison Administrative Assistant 724-805-2115
Rev. Maurus Mount O.S.B. Assistant Professor, Seminary 724-805-2275
Ms. Kathleen Mucci Custodian 724-532-4555
Rev. Nathan Munsch O.S.B. Assistant Professor, Theology 724-805-2843
Mr. Michael Murphy Rugby Coach 724-805-2567
Ms. Sue Murphy Custodian 724-537-4555
Rev. Warren Murrman O.S.B. Faculty Emeritus 724-805-2331
Mr. Frank Murtha III HVAC Maintenance Tech 724-537-4555
Ms. Karen Myers Associate Director of the Fred Rogers Center 724-805-2369
Ms. Gina Nalevanko Director of Financial Planning, Accounting and Analysis 724-805-2251
Ms. Annie Laurie Nichols Instructor, Communication 724-805-2413
Mr. Brian Niemiec RHD - Part-Time 724-805-2708
Ms. Mary Niemiec Assistant Director, Opportunity/Act 101/SSS-TRIO 724-805-2556
Ms. Michele Nincke Manager of Admissions Data 724-805-2419
Ms. Sharon Nincke Admission Counselor
Mr. Terry Noel Business Analyst/Purchasing Administrator 724-805-2095
Ms. Theresa Noel Operations Coordinator 724-805-2750
Ms. Gregg Norton Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Rt. Rev. Douglas Nowicki O.S.B. Archabbot/Chancellor 724-805-2593
Stacie Nowikowski D.Ed. Associate Professor, Education 724-805-2686
Mr. Thomas O'Barto Public Safety Officer - Part-Time 724-805-2311
Mr. Thomas Octave Associate Professor, Music 724-805-2483
Christopher Oldenburg Ph.D. Associate Professor, Psychology 724-805-2556
Ms. Cynthia Olszewski Academic Advisor 724-805-2371
Br. Barnabas O'Reilly O.S.B. Assistant to Director of Campus Ministry
Ms. Shannon O'Reilly Counselor 724-805-2965
Mr. Nathan Orlando Assistant Professor/Postdoctoral Fellow 724-805-2460
Ms. Ramie Ortiz Assistant Director, Foundation & Government Grantseeking 724-805-2124
Ms. Patricia Owens Executive Assistant 724-805-2271
Mr. Thomas Owens Jr. Fireman 724-537-4555
Ms. Mari Jo Palmer Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Cara Palmiere Event Coordinator 724-805-2303
Ms. Colleen Palumbo Admission Counselor/Transfer Coordinator 724-805-2485
Ms. Kathleen Pantalone Director of Events & Conference Services 724-532-5030
Ms. Jessica Parsons Coordinator, Service Learning & Outreach 724-805-2288
Ms. Julie Parsons Aerobics Instructor 724-805-2111
Ms. Samantha Pashel Resident, Campus Minister for Ministry to Women 724-805-2292
Ms. Betty Patrick Emergency Tele Operator Supv 724-805-2888
Mr. Norman Peace Jr. Fireman 724-537-4555
Ms. Marissa Pecora Graduate Fellows
Mrs. Michele Pennesi Accounts Payable 724-805-2578
Mr. Jack Perry Assistant to Archabbot 724-805-2394
Catherine Petrany Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Theology 724-805-2346
Ms. Linda Petrarca Bookstore Assistant 724-805-2432
Ms. Allison Petris Environmental Education Coordinator 724-532-2346
Justin Petrovich Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Business Administration 724-805-2460
Mr. James Petruska Head Coach Women's Basketball 724-805-2665
Ms. Ruth Pevarnik Nurse Assistant 724-532-6651
Mr. Philip Pisone Special Education Teacher 724-805-2378
Mr. Christopher Plummer Technical Director 724-805-2119
Rev. Nathanael Polinski O.S.B. Assistant Professor, Seminary 724-532-6737
Ms. Lisa Poole Director of Development for Operations and Events 724-805-2901
Ms. Lisa Poponick Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Kathy Prosperi RN, Part-Time 724-805-2115
Ms. Lorrie Quadro Football Operations Administrative Assistant 724-805-2045
Br. Rafael Quesada O.S.B. Assistant, Part-Time
Gary Quinlivan Ph.D. Dean 724-805-2131
Nicholas Racculia Ph.D. Associate Professor, Business Administration 724-805-2899
Mr. David Rau Assistant Football Coach 724-805-2187
Ms. Tina Ravis Custodian 724-537-4555
Mr. David Regula Service Desk Analyst 724-805-2662
Ms. Marsha Reitz Custodian 724-537-4555
Michael Rhodes Ph.D. Associate Professor, Biology 724-805-2360
Ms. Debra Rick Secretary 724-805-2050
Mr. Benjamin Riddle Multimedia Technician 724-805-2717
Ms. Carol Riddle Coordinator of Marketing and Communications 724-805-2883
Phyllis Riddle Ph.D. Professor, Sociology/Anthropology 724-805-2118
Mr. Ryan Riesmeyer Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse 724-805-2262
Mark Rivardo Ph.D. Professor, Psychology 724-805-2375
Juan-Carlos Rivas Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Modern & Classical Language 724-805-2283
Ms. Lisa Rizza Intervention Specialist 724-805-2050
Ms. Joan Roach Secretary 724-805-2096
Ms. Beth Roble Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Lora Rodgers Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Mr. David Rodkey IMF Content and Resource Coordinator 724-805-2427
Mr. Patrick Rohrer Defensive Coordinator 724-805-2985
Mr. John Rokosz Camerata Rehearsal and Concert Service
Ms. Lee Ann Ross Coordinator Mailing and Duplicating 724-805-2174
Dr. Dominic-Savio Rossi Professor, Music 724-805-2123
Nancy Rottler D.Ed. Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Retention 724-805-2255
Mr. Nicholas Rubino Deputy Fire Chief 724-805-2017
Mr. Thomas Rudy Courier
Mr. David Rykala Assistant Coach Football, Admin 724-805-2986
Sister Mary Veronica Sabelli R.S.M. Associate Professor, Seminary 724-805-2818
Mr. David Safin Assistant Professor, Communication 724-805-2530
Mr. Aaron Sams Instructor, Education Department 724-805-2710
Ms. Evelyn Santone Student Accounts 724-805-2577
Ms. Lynn Scalise Career Consultant 724-805-2645
Mr. Ben Schachter Professor, Art 724-805-2278
Ms. Maria Schifano Data Entry Clerk 724-805-2518
Rev. Chrysostom Schlimm O.S.B. Special Collections Librarian 724-805-2314
Roberta Schomburg Ph.D. Interim Executive Director
Mr. Joshua Seevers User Services Manager 724-805-2559
Br. Placid Sellers N.O.S.B. Assistant Director Archabbey Media 724-805-2908
Ms. Kathryn Senic Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Anthony Serapiglia Ph.D. Associate Professor, Computing 724-805-2421
Mr. David Serbin Electrician 724-537-4555
Mr. David Seremet Tailor 724-805-2138
Ms. Shelley Shaffer Maintenance Manager/Trades Supervisor 724-805-2060
Mr. John Sharbaugh Service Desk Analyst 724-805-2667
Patricia Sharbaugh Ph.D. Associate Professor, Theology 724-805-2687
Ms. Ashley Shasko Head Coach, Women's Soccer, Part-Time 724-805-2445
Mr. Carl Sherbine Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Joy Sherbine Laundress 724-805-2163
Ms. Laurel Sherbondy S.A.P. Coord/Prevention Services Manager 724-805-2050
Mr. Charles Shirey Jr. Grounds Keeper 724-537-4555
Ms. Patricia Shirey Emergency Telecomm Operator 724-805-2888
Ms. Haley Shiver Majorette Instructor
Ms. Joanne Shrum Nurse Manager 724-532-6651
Mr. Joshua Shrum Coordinator of Assessment 724-805-2820
Rev. Paul-Alexander Shutt O.S.B. Instructor, Modern & Classical Language 724-805-2646
Michael Sierk Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics 724-805-2367
Mr. Harold Simms Custodian 724-537-4555
Ms. Lisa Sisak Administrative Support 724-532-5045
Ms. Shirley Skander Faculty Secretary 724-805-2173
Kristine Slank Ph.D. Associate Professor, Psychology 724-805-2133
Mr. Aaron Smetanka Head Coach Football 724-805-2987
John Smetanka Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs and Academic Dean 724-805-2062
Ms. Sharon Smetanka Medical Assistant 724-805-2115
Ms. Casandra Smith Graduate Fellows
Mr. Daniel Smith Grounds Supervisor 724-537-4555
Terrance Smith D.B.A. Assistant Professor, Management 724-805-2509
Peter Smyntek Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Science 724-805-2685
Mr. Steven Snider Assistant Coach, Men's Cross Country & Track 724-805-2077
William Snyder Ph.D. Professor, English 724-805-2318
Ms. Melissa Sobek Associate Director 724-805-2570
Ms. Nancy Sobota Administrative Assistant 724-805-2395
Ms. Carla Solomon Nurse Assistant 724-532-6651
Mr. Ishmael Solomon Assistant Director, Residence Life/Multicultural Student 724-805-2415
Susan Sommers Ph.D. Professor, History 724-805-2341
Ms. Autumn Sonnet Prevention Specialist 724-805-2050
Mary Beth Spore Ph.D. Associate Professor, Education 724-805-2950
Ms. Melanie Sprung Laundress 724-805-2163
Mr. Jeffrey Steele Fireman 724-537-4555
Lawrence Sutton Ph.D. Director of Pre-Theologian Formation 724-805-2402
Mr. John Szalewicz Liturgical Organist 724-805-2026
Ian Taylor Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Chemistry 724-805-2742
Rev. Paul Taylor O.S.B. Executive Vice President 724-805-2527
Mr. Gary Thistlethwaite Public Safety Officer 724-805-2311
Mr. Aaron Thompson Assistant to Sports Information Director 724-805-2741
Ms. Rachelle Thompson Director of Annual Giving 724-805-2703
Rev. John-Mary Tompkins O.S.B. Vice Rector 724-805-2771
Eugene Torisky Ph.D. Associate Professor, Philosophy 724-805-2387
Ms. Theresa Torisky Advising Coordinator/Academic Advisor/Professional Tutor 724-805-2260
Mr. William Townsend Custodian 724-537-4555
Miss Analucia Trielli Assistant to the Archabbot 724-805-2541
Mr. Peter Tulk Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse 724-805-2136
Dawn Turkovich D.Ed. Assistant Professor, Education Department 724-805-2714
Ms. Emily Uhrin Senior Archivist 724-805-2327
Mr. Charles Unferdorfer Sexton/Grounds Crew 724-537-4555
Michael Urick Ph.D. Associate Professor, Business Administration 724-805-2654
Ms. Kayla Uveges Laboratory Coordinator 724-805-2637
Daniel Vanden Berk Ph.D. Associate Professor, Physics 724-805-2504
Ms. Janice Vargo Athletic Department Administrative Assistant 724-805-2111
Ms. Valerie Vernon-Thomas Camerata Rehearsal and Concert Service
Mr. David Vogle Fire Engineer 724-805-2017
Jason Vohs Ph.D. Associate Professor, Chemistry 724-805-2354
Br. Timothy Waid O.S.B. Assistant, Part-Time 724-805-2519
Mr. James Walters Assistant Director, Campus Life/Student Recreation 724-805-2976
Mrs. Eugenia Wanichko Assistant Coach, Women's Cross Country/Track 704-805-2077
Mr. Kevin Wanichko Head Coach, Women's Cross Country, Indoor/Outdoor Track 724-805-2913
Margaret Watkins Ph.D. Interim Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 724-805-2814
Bradley Watson Ph.D. Professor, Political Science 724-805-2145
Ms. Courtney Watt Graduate Fellows
Ms. Jasmine Weems Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
Mr. Stephen Weinmann RHD - Part-Time 724-805-2567
Ms. Donna Werner Manager 724-805-2127
Ms. Debbie Wertz Nurse Assistant (CNA) 724-805-6651
Mr. Keith West Computer Technician 724-805-2297
Ms. Laura Westerbeck Emergency Telecomm Operator 724-805-2888
Jennifer White Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Mathematics 724-805-2935
Ms. Deanna Wicks Director of Campus Life 724-805-2817
Mr. Richard Williams Vice President, Finance & Administration 724-805-2084
Ms. Dana Winters Director of Simple Interactions and Academic Programs 724-805-2946
Mr. Roberto Wisnesck Director of Application Services 724-805-2175
Mr. Scott Wisneski Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball 724-805-2521
Ms. Kimberly Woodley Assistant Director/Career Consultant 724-805-2083
Ms. Carolyn Woods Director of Advancement Services 724-805-2412
Ms. Susan Yackovich Admin Assistant to the Dean of Studies 724-805-2233
Ms. Carla Yates Custodian 724-532-4555
Wan-Ning Yeh Ph.D. English As a Second Language 724-805-2062
Ms. Angela Zalich Assit Dir/Operations Mgmt 724-805-2225
Br. Anselm Zhang N.O.S.B. Assistant, Bookstore 724-805-2557
Binzhong Zhu Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor, Modern & Classical Language 724-805-2875
Mr. Jeffrey Zidek Director, Sports Information 724-805-2476