Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government

The mission of the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government is to prepare students to be:

  • Effective business and professional leaders 
  • Responsible and successful participants in a dynamic market economy 
  • Principled civic leaders and public servants 
  • Skillful managers of technology 
  • Thoughtful contributors to the intellectual and scholarly world

This mission is achieved via the McKenna School philosophy, which is based on the intellectual and moral traditions of Western civilization. As such, the McKenna School provides a challenging curriculum that addresses contemporary issues and professional needs as well as the enduring concerns of human experience.

The hallmark of a McKenna School education is practical knowledge combined with scholarly experience. As part of Saint Vincent College, the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government educates students in the liberal arts tradition so that they are well prepared for successful and rewarding lives.

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Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government Outcomes  
  • The McKenna School of Business has six programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). They are: Accounting, Business Education Information Technology, Finance, International Business, Management and Marketing. The Economics and Politics programs are not accredited through the ACBSP; however, all programs in the McKenna School have regional accreditation through the Middle States Association. The ACBSP is one of the two premier accrediting agencies for business schools worldwide. With a requirement for faculty professional development (e.g., publications and research) and courses primarily taught by faculty holding doctorates, the ACBSP is the leading business accreditation program devoted to teaching excellence and service to students.
  • The McKenna School has received Six Sigma Certification accreditation.
  • The McKenna School is a CFP designated Business School. In addition, students complete the CFA Level I curriculum.
  • Our job and internship placements are exceptional. Job placement for our 2015 business graduates:

    Accounting: 21/21 graduates; median salary is $45,000
    Finance: 11/11 graduates; median salary is $49,000
    Marketing: 17/17 graduates; median salary is $40,000 
    Management: 36/40 graduates; 4 unknown; median salary is $43,500
    International Business: 2/2 graduates; median salary is $40,000

  • Rankings: The McKenna business seniors score exceptionally well on the ETS national undergraduate business field test. Out of 563 accredited (i.e., ACBSP and AACSB) business schools, we ranked overall in the top 15% of the nation in 2016.Details are provided in the McKenna School 2016 Annual Report.
  • Economics Major: Nationally ranked program, based on data up to 2004, in terms of the absolute number of undergraduates who go on to finish a PhD in Economics, SVC ranked 38th of all BA I and BA II Colleges and universities in the U.S. Since 1984, SVC has had 100 percent placement at highly ranked PhD programs. Presently, we have four students with full scholarships and $13,000-$26,000 stipends at U. of Albany, Duke University and Georgetown University. Since 2011, four of our economic graduates finished their PhDs at Princeton University, University of Albany, Ohio State University and the University of Virginia.
  • Nationally acclaimed Politics major: Names one of the strongest such programs "of any Catholic College" in the 2006 edition of All American Colleges: Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals, and People of Faith, ISI Books. Our Politics program is distinguished by its superb faculty, academic excellence with a "Great Books" approach and with an emphasis on primary readings, its extensive, nationally known lecture and conference programs and the quality of law school and graduate school placements. Recent graduates have attended such highly ranked graduate and law schools as Georgetown, Harvard, Ohio State, George Mason, Carnegie Mellon, Washington U. in St. Louis and the Claremont Graduate School.
Meet the Deanmckenna-school-dean
Meet the Dean

Gary QuinlivanAs Dean of the McKenna School, Dr. Quinlivan oversees approximately 50 full time and adjunct faculty members, 450 undergraduate and graduate students and four centers. In addition, he is a full professor of economics at Saint Vincent College. He is a member of the Executive Editorial Board of the Journal for Markets and Morality published by the Acton Institute and a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Cultural Center in Pittsburgh. From 1989 to the 2001, he served as an adjunct faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University’s Economics Department where he taught international trade, international monetary theory and monetary theory. He was a Fulbright Scholar at Shandong University in the People’s Republic of China from 1988 to 1989. Quinlivan received his PhD in economics at the University of Albany and BA at State University of New York at Geneseo. Dr. Quinlivan has co-edited or authored seven books, six monographs and has written numerous articles in the areas of international trade, public finance and international finance. His most recent books include: A Catholic Response to Economic Globalization: Applications of Catholic Social Teaching (co-authored with Paul Cleveland, Gregory Gronbacher and Michel Therrien); Public Morality, Civic Virtue and the Problem of Modern Liberalism (co-edited with T. William Boxx); For Freedom and Prosperity: Philip M. McKenna and the Gold Standard League (co-authored with Brian Surkan); and Toward the Renewal of Civilization: The Political Order and Culture (co-edited with T. William Boxx). Dr. Quinlivan has won teaching awards at both Saint Vincent College (1993 and 2007) and Carnegie Mellon University (2000). During the summer of 2005, Quinlivan received an International Business Fellowship from the University of Pittsburgh, for ten-day seminar in Russia, Bulgaria and Czech Republic. In 1997, Shandong University in PR China awarded Quinlivan an honorary professorship. Dr. Quinlivan is the founder and former faculty moderator of the ballroom dance club and the Gilbert and Sullivan club at Saint Vincent College. Dr. Quinlivan is one of the key administrators dedicated to enhancing Saint Vincent College’s academic links to China. He has traveled to China 45 times and has negotiated over ten academic affiliations between Saint Vincent College and some of the best universities in China.

Our Programsmckenna-programs
Our Programs
Program Major Minor Cert. Joint Prog. Career Prep Graduate Prog.
Accounting check Major, check Minor,
Business Education Information Technology check Major, check Certification,
Economics check Major, check Minor,
Entrepreneurship check Minor,
Finance check Major, check Minor,
International Business check Major, check Minor,
Management check Major, check Minor,
Management: Operational Excellence check Graduate Program,
Marketing check Major, check Minor,
Operational Excellence check Minor,
Politics and Political Science check Major, check Minor,
Pre-Law Program check Career Prep,
Public Administration check Minor,
Public Policy check Major,
SAP Business One check Certification, check Career Prep,
Why Choose McKennamckenna-choose
Why Choose the McKenna School

McKenna NetworkingSince birth, you have been exchanging information with others, in order to learn and grow. That is networking and it is key to a successful career. The Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economicsand Government will help you build on these skills and prepare you for your future.

As a student in the McKenna School at Saint Vincent College, you will observe a scholarly, disciplined approach to life, be accepted unconditionally, challenged intellectually, nurtured spiritually and taught, by example, to pursue a full life. You will experience:

  • Outstanding opportunities to interact with a diverse group of faculty, skilled in disciplines directly and indirectly related to your major. 
  • A wide variety of internships, work-study and student research fellowships.
  • Upper-level job leads and interaction with the broader business and professional community. 
  • Networking with Saint Vincent College alumni. 
  • Valuable links to future career options, such as advice from successful Saint Vincent College alumni. 
  • Hearing and meeting top scholars from prominent universities and think tanks (the Center for Political and Economic Thought, with one of the strongest lecture and conference programs in the country, sponsors 15 - 25 renowned speakers each year).
  • Developing your network and networking skills, not only at school, but at professional conferences and extracurricular programs.

And, after experiencing all of the above, you can rest confidently, knowing that your degree from the McKenna School at Saint Vincent College offers: 

  • A solid academic foundation 
  • Small classes headed by faculty who love to teach and offer personal attention 
  • A close network of students, faculty, staff and Catholic Benedictine monks (a distinguishing feature of a Saint Vincent College education)
  • Numerous opportunities for practical experience in business and government 
  • A lifetime of relationships which reflect a priceless investment

Board of Advisersmckenna-board-of-advisers
McKenna School Board of Advisers

The McKenna School is supported by a board of advisers, which is composed of business leaders, foundation heads, prominent people in public policy, and alumni. The primary purpose of the council is to assist in strategic planning, program and curriculum review and resource development.

Michael Gleba,  Chairman, CEO & Treasurer - Sarah Scaife Foundation 

Robert Bartolacci, C'86, Senior Management and Financial Executive - Modern Group

T. William Boxx, S'92, Chairman and CEO - Philip M. McKenna Foundation

Dr. Richard V. Burkhauser, C'67, Sarah Gibson Blanding Professor and Chair of Policy Analysis and Management Department - Cornell University

Amanda Cecconi, C'87, Founder - Punching Nun Group

Matthew Collard, C'96, Managing Partner - Pratt Collard Advisory Partners

George N. Derhofer, C'75, Retired Executive - VF Corporation

David Gaito, C'99, Senior Vice President - Secured Lending - PNC Business Credit

Richard B. Guskiewicz, C'54, Professor Emeritus - Saint Vincent College

Raymond J. Hanley, President - Federated Investors Management Company

Daniel Hennessy, Retired Executive -Carpenter Technology

Douglas Kepple, C'85, Retired Executive - Credit Suisse

Luke A. Latimer, C'98, Executive Vice President/Treasurer - R&L Development Company

Christopher J. Masciantonio, C'85, General Manager, Government Affairs - United States Steel Corporation

James Meredith, C'93, VP and Financial Advisor - Hefron-Tillotson, Inc.

Gabriel B. Pellathy, C'95, Managing Director of Government Affairs - PPG Industries

Gabriel Pellathy, C'91, Owner/Managing Partner - Adavest, LP

David K. Roger, C'91, President and Trustee - Hillman Foundation

Hans Sack, President - ExOne

Nathan Sylvester, C'07, Americas Supply Chain Manager, OE - Kennametal, Inc.

William Thomas, C'00, Executive Director Advisory Services - Ernst & Young, LLP

Carla Zema, C'95, Director, Health Policy & Economics - ZOLL

Neal Zuzik, C'98, Director of Global Procurement - Ashland Consumer Markets

McKenna Newslettersmckenna-newsletters