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Floyd-NicholsFloyd Nichols
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Junior, Biology major

“Financial support at Saint Vincent has been great! When deciding which college to attend, Saint Vincent was originally at the bottom of the list because of its high sticker price, but after financial support was considered, Saint Vincent provided the lowest cost of attendance of all the schools I was looking at. Throughout my years here, Saint Vincent has continued to be very supportive in its financial aid.

Attending Saint Vincent has undoubtedly helped me grow in knowledge, faith and grace. The professors and other faculty members are the biggest part of my growth. The rapport that you are able to make with the professors at Saint Vincent really helps you succeed as they will put as much effort into your studies as you do. Having monks as professors also plays a big role in shaping my faith as I grow in my college career.”

Jenni-UrbanJennifer Urban
Glassport, Pennsylvania
Senior, Environmental Science major

“I believe that updated facilities and programs not only make Saint Vincent stand out to prospective students but it also create a more enjoyable experience for those who are currently enrolled. I remember as I was touring SVC for the first time, I fell in love with the laboratories in the Sis and Herman Dupré Science Pavilion and the campus as a whole really stood out from the other institutions I was considering. Within my four years of studying environmental science and biology, I have been granted academic opportunities that have prepared me to make the difference that I have always strived for. I believe no other institution would have prepared me for my future as much as Saint Vincent. I am so thankful for the financial support that I have received that made attending Saint Vincent possible.”