Marketing Professor Dr. Thomas Cline Co-Authors Journal Article on Health Care

by Public Relations | Dec 05, 2016

Dec. 5, 2016

Dr. Thomas ClineDr. Thomas W. Cline, professor of marketing and statistics at the Saint Vincent College Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government, is the co-author of an article in the October-December 2016 issue of Quality Management Health Care Journal.

With co-authors Emily S. Starn and Holly Hampe, Cline said the purpose of the article was to summarize the results of a study to identify the relationship of antibiotic administration to the incidence of health care facility-acquired Clostidium didfficile infections in a suburban hospital setting while determining the effectiveness of administration and frequency of probiotics with an antibiotic to decrease the incidence of HCFA-CDI. In addition the study aimed to further identify a correlation between probiotics administered with a specific antibiotic class and/or age group to decrease the incidence of HCFA-CDI and to provide the suburban hospital with a recommendation on the care effectiveness and cost-efficiency of the probiotic protocol.

“Health care facilities have increasingly developed protocols for prescribing probiotics along with antibiotics to prevent HCFA-DCI,” Cline commented. “Our study tested the interaction of 12 specific antibiotic classes with the use of S boulardii. The interaction of probiotics with antifungals and carbapenerns are statistically related to an increase in HCFA-CDI. Patients were nearly twice as likely to develop HCFA-CDI than those who did not receive probiotics with these classes of antibiotics. In contrast, the interaction of probiotics with glycopeptieds showed a decreased in HCFA-DCI. Patients developed HCFA-CDI at about half the rate of those not receiving this combination.”

The study was funded by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation through the Alvin J. Rogal Research Award.

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