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by Public Relations | Feb 20, 2017

Feb. 20, 2017

Dr Thomas W Cline The article is entitled, “The Effect of the Dedicated Education Unit on Student Self-Sufficiency.”

“Although the Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) has shown initial promise related to satisfaction with the teaching/learning environment, few studies have examined student outcomes related to the use of the DEU as a clinical education model beyond student satisfaction,” Cline commented.  “The purpose of this quantitative, quasi-experimental study was to compare student outcomes from the traditional clinical education (TCE) model with those from the DEU model. Participants were students enrolled in a four-year baccalaureate program in nursing (n = 193) who had clinical education activities in one of three clinical agencies. Participants were assigned to either the DEU or a TCE model. Pre-clinical and post-clinical self-efficacy scores were measured for each group using an adapted Generalized Self-Efficacy Scale (Schwarzer and Jerusalem, 1995 ).”

“Both groups experienced a significant increase in self-efficacy scores post clinical education,” Cline concluded.  “The increase in self-efficacy for the DEU students was significantly greater than the increase in self-efficacy for the traditional students. Self-efficacy is considered an important outcome of nursing education because high self-efficacy has been linked to making an easier transition from student to nursing professional. This study supports the quality of the DEU as a clinical education model by examining student self-efficacy outcomes.”

The other co-authors included Lynn George of the College of Health and Wellness at Carlow University; Lisa W. Locasto and Katrina Pyo of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.

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Photo: Dr. Thomas W. Cline


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