SVC Offering Master's Degree in Criminology

by Public Relations | Mar 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

Saint Vincent College Department of Criminology has announced that it will offer a new master of science degree in criminology beginning this summer.

“Our undergraduate degree program in criminology, law and society has exceeded all projections,” commented Bruce Antkowiak, professor of law and chair of the Department of Criminology. “Because of requests by so many of our own students as well as those working in law enforcement and related areas, we are now offering a challenging master of science degree curriculum that will prepare candidates to become leaders and innovators in the system dedicated to the just enforcement of the criminal laws of the Commonwealth and the United States.”

The program, which can be completed in one calendar year, will feature courses scheduled at times to accommodate the working professional. “The broad-based, 30-credit curriculum is designed to address current issues, policies and theories in the criminal justice system so that our graduates can champion significant changes to enhance the process of justice in the criminal courts,” Antkowiak said. “Students will be prepared to conduct effective research and policy analysis to support the critical changes they will have the opportunity to propose.”

“A master’s degree is a highly desired credential in the field as it is often a key to advancement to the managerial level of a criminal justice agency,” Antkowiak added. “Regardless of whether the agency is focused on law enforcement, probation or parole services, juvenile counseling, court administration or corrections, the advanced degree is an important springboard to an upward progression within the agency’s hierarchy. The master’s degree is also often a prerequisite for opportunities to teach in the field at police academies as well as college and junior college programs.”

Courses in the new program will be taught by experienced faculty, including Professors Eric Kocian and Sarah Daly, who value individual interaction with each student in small classes. Admission is competitive and early application is encouraged.

“We have great hopes for this program,” Antkowiak observed. “Besides being an important resource for students in the area, we want it to operate as a think tank to help the local, state and national government agencies develop new policies to improve the quality of justice for our community.”

Further details are available online at or by phoning 724-805-2670.


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