Daniel Vanden Berk Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Physics
  • Ph.D., University of Chicago
  • M.S., University of Chicago
  • B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • Quasars and active galaxies
  • Sky Surveys
  • Statistical Analysis of Large Data Sets
  • The Intergalactic Medium
  • Ultraviolet Astronomy
Email daniel.vandenberk@stvincent.edu
Phone 724-805-2504
Office Location
Dupre Science Pavilion, W113
  • Dr. Vanden Berk has over 130 publications in the world's top refereed astronomy and astrophysics journals.
  • Of those, 24 were published while at St. Vincent College. His papers have been cited over 30,000 times in other publications.
Courses Taught
  • Advanced Laboratory
  • Astronomy and Lab
  • Extragalactic Astronomy
  • General Physics I and Lab
  • General Physics II and Lab
  • Introduction to Astrophysics I
  • Introduction to Astrophysics II
  • Introduction to Physics and Lab
  • Life and the Universe and Lab
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Physics Research
  • The Science of Computing
  • Thermodynamics