Br. David Carlson O.S.B.

Associate Professor, Computing
  • M.S., Syracuse University
  • M.A., The Pennsylvania State University
  • B.S., The Pennsylvania State University
  • Discrete mathematics, especially analysis of algorithms and proofs of program correctness, Cryptography, C++ and Linux
About Br. David Carlson O.S.B.
Br. David has a broad background in mathematics and computer science. His B.S. and M.A. from the Pennsylvania State University are in mathematics, while his later M.S. from Syracuse University is in computer science. Br. David has taught fulltime since 1985, primarily teaching computer science courses, but also teaching computer security, mathematics, and now even one engineering computation course. He is a member of the college's Board of Directors and its Information Services & Technology Committee. He served as the chairperson of the Computing department for a total of about twenty years.
Phone 724-805-2416
Office Location
Dupre Science Pavilion, W217
  • Teaching Computer Security. SIGCSE Bulletin, 36(2): 64-67, June 2004.
  • Martincic, C.J. & Carlson, Br. David, O.S.B., "The NSF CSEMS Scholarship Grant Program: Our Experiences with the Proposal Process and Program Execution.", Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, p. 73-82, vol. 19(1), (2003).
  • Poor Man's Search Engine, SysAdmin Magazine, 10(6): 24-30, June 2001.
  • Teaching Blind Computer Science Students. Coauthored with Richard Watson. The Journal of Computing in Small Colleges, 6(1):15-19, September 1990.
  • Simulated Microprogramming in the Classroom. SIGCSE Bulletin, 19(4):60-63, December 1987.
  • Software Design Using C++, on-line text for CS 110, CS 111, and CS 221,, 1998–present. Alumnus Matthew Minerd contributed to this project.
Courses Taught
  • Advanced Topics in Security
  • Animation, the Web and Security
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • C++ Programming I
  • C++ Programming II
  • Calculus I
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
  • Data Communications
  • Data Structures
  • Discrete Structures I
  • Discrete Structures II
  • Elementary Functions
  • Introduction to Engineering Computation
  • Introduction to Numerical Computation (in Fortran)
  • Server-Side Programming
  • Survey of Computers and Computing
  • Web Site Design and Programming
  • Web Technologies
  • 1998-present, system administrator for CIS Linux server
  • 2000-2002, Director, CIS Link-to-Learn State Grant Project
  • 2002-2007, Principal Investigator, NSF-CIS Scholarship Grant
  • 2014-present, system administrator for WeBWorK (online mathematical homework system)
Professional Memberships
  • The Association for Computing Machinery and the ACM's Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education
  • The Mathematical Association of America