Jason King Ph.D.

Professor, Theology
  • Ph.D., The Catholic University of America
  • M.A., The Catholic University of America
  • B.A., Berea College
Email jason.king@stvincent.edu
Phone 724-805-2842
Office Location
Placid Hall, Room 312
  • Faith with Benefits: Hookup Culture on Catholic Campuses. Oxford University Press, 2017. (Book)
  • God has Begun a Great Work in Us: The Embodiment of Love in Contemporary Consecrated Life and Ecclesial Movements (Annual Volume of the College Theology Society. Orbis, 2015. (Book)
  • "Whose Gradualism? Which Relationship?" Horizons 42.1 (June 2016) 86-105.
  • "Does Catholic Identity Affect Students?" Journal of Catholic Higher Education 34.2 (2015) 195-209. With Andrew Herr.
  • "After Ex corde Ecclesiae: A Review Essay on Catholic Higher Education." Journal of Moral Theology 4.2 (2015) 167-191.
  • "Feelings and Decision Making." New Blackfriars 97.1067 (2015) 39-51.
  • "Student Perception of and Role in Determining Catholic Identity." Journal of Catholic Higher Educationn 33.2 (Summer 2014) 261-278.
  • "The Exercise of Obedience and Authority in the Rule of Saint Benedict." American Benedictine Review 65.3 (2014) 257-270.
  • “Trying Not to ‘Shove Religion Down Their Throats.’” Religious Education 110.2 (2015) 198-211.
Courses Taught
  • Aliens, Monsters, Heroes and Jesus
  • Catholic Marriage
  • Ethics of Aquinas
  • God, Work and Money
  • Theology of Children