Below are some of the most common questions and answers about Saint Vincent College:

  • What Criteria do you use to evaluate students?

    The Admission Committee evaluates a candidate in the following areas:

    • Course selection based upon level of difficulty 
    • Grade Point Average 
    • SAT or ACT scores 
    • Class rank (if available) 
    • Extracurricular activities
  • Do you offer rolling Admission?
    Saint Vincent College operates on a rolling admission basis. Once we receive an application for admission, the committee begins to evaluate the credentials of the student. Typically, the review process is completed within a two week period.
  • How many students attend your school?
    Our student population is approximately 1800 students. The male to female ratio is 52/48.
  • Where is your school located?
    SVC is located in the small town of Latrobe, PA (about 9,500 residents) which is 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. It takes about 50 minutes to travel to downtown Pittsburgh from Latrobe.
  • What is the faculty/student ratio?
    There is one faculty member for every 11 students at Saint Vincent College.
  • What types of Financial Aid does your school offer?

    Saint Vincent College offers both merit-based aid and need-based financial aid to degree-seeking undergraduate students. Merit-based awards are based on high school performance including standardized test scores and high school grade point average. Merit awards are guaranteed for eight semesters with satisfactory academic progress and are for full-time attendance.

    Saint Vincent College also offers many other awards and grants which are in addition to the merit awards, such as the First-Generation Grant, Catholic High School Graduate Grant, Out-of-State Grant, Wimmer Scholarship Exam, and others. With the exception of the Wimmer Exam, these awards and grants are open to all students.

    All students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid. By completing the FAFSA the student is applying for federal and state grants. Completion of the FAFSA is necessary if the student or parent wishes to borrow through the Federal Direct Loan Program.

  • Does your school offer athletic scholarships?
    Due to our membership in the President's Athletic Conference (NCAA Division III), SVC does not offer athletic scholarships. However, our financial aid packages are designed to make attending SVC affordable.
  • How much does your school cost?
    Tuition and Fees
    2020-21 Average Tuition Fees Room & Board  Total 
    Undergraduate Resident $36,586 1,459 12,156  $50,201
    Undergraduate Commuter  $36,586 1,023  0  $37,609
    International Student  $36,586  1,733 12,156
    Note: There is an additional orientation fee for all freshmen of $220. 

  • What are my chances of receiving financial assistance?

    More than 97 percent of SVC undergraduates — and 100 percent of the freshman class — receive some form of financial aid, including scholarships, grants or student loans.

  • How do I apply for Financial Aid?
    Students will receive a notification of merit-based aid and other Saint Vincent College awards upon admission. To apply for federal and state grants and loans, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is required yearly at
  • What is Saint Vincent College's Title IV School code?