The French Program

The curriculum in the Department allows students to develop skills in a second language as part of the College’s mission to produce a well-rounded graduate who is prepared for life and citizenship as well as for a career. Because today’s world is enriched by diversity, faculty strive to cultivate in each student an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Respect for self and others must be at the basis of any worthwhile communication.It is in this sense that the Department considers the study of other languages integral to a liberal arts education. All classes foster the skills of communication and understanding in a second language. Listening, speaking, reading, writing and an exploration of the cultures of the French-speaking world are integrated at each level of study. 

What Can I Do With a Major in French?

For decades, many Americans thought that it was sufficient to be a speaker of English. With our changing cultural landscape, it has become more apparent that knowledge of another language is advantageous and perhaps a necessity for living in a globalized world.

Whether your ultimate career goal is in business, diplomacy, education, health care, law, social services, government, communications or many other fields, fluency in French and an understanding of the French culture is sure to open many doors for you.


French majors are required to pursue a second major or a minor, develop a portfolio and undergo annual assessments of their oral skills, as well as complete a minimum of a nine-credit summer program or one semester of study in a French-speaking country. Graduates possess deeper cultural understanding as well as proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing the French language. They are prepared for careers in business, education, government, history, law, journalism and public services. 

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in French

Major Requirements (36 credits)
A major in French requires 12 courses. French 203 and French 204 fulfill the core requirements as well as six credits for the major. In addition, a major in French requires 10 courses above 204. The following courses are required:
Three required courses (9 credits):
FR 315 Advanced French Grammar and Composition - 3 credits
FR 316 Reading French - 3 credits
FR 320 Developing Oral Proficiency and Phonetics - 3 credits
One course from the following 3 credits:
FR 343 Contemporary France - 3 credits
FR 444 French Culture and Civilization - 3 credits
FR 445 France through the Centuries - 3 credits
Electives: Any four (4) courses above FR 204 - 12 credits
Two (2) courses must be in literature. Credits earned in approved study abroad programs fulfill requirements for the major. Prior approval of study abroad programs is required from the department chairperson.
Required Core Courses:
One course from the following 3 credits:
AR 100 Art and Music of Western Culture - 3 credits
AR 101 Art History I: Ancient through Renaissance - 3 credits
AR 102 Art History II: Baroque to the Present - 3 credits
One course from the following 3 credits:
AN 222 Cultural Anthropology - 3 credits
AN 328 Linguistic Anthropology - 3 credits
One course from the following 3 credits:
EL 145 Reading as Writers: Poetry - 3 credits
EL 147 Arthurian Literature - 3 credits
EL 236 Modern European Literature - 3 credits
EL 252 Literary Translation Workshop - 3 credits
One course from the following 3 credits:
HI 103 Western Civilization II - 3 credits
HI 104 Contemporary Europe I - 3 credits
HI 105 Contemporary Europe II - 3 credits
HI 205 Medieval Thought and Culture - 3 credits
FR 550 is highly recommended. 

Teacher Preparation
Students seeking French certification, grades K-12, will take a minor in Education. Students are directed to read about the teacher certification requirements in the Education section of this Bulletin.
They are also advised to contact the Chairperson of the Education Department for additional guidance

Additional Requirementsfrench-addtional-req
Additional Requirements for French Majors

French majors are required to pursue a second major or a minor. French majors are also required to develop a portfolio and undergo annual assessments of their oral skills. A minimum of a nine-credit summer program or one semester of study in a French-speaking country or region is required because study abroad is essential to deeper cultural understanding as well as greater proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students who are not able to study abroad may substitute language study in an immersion setting. All programs must be approved by the department chair.

Internships and Careers in French

French major jobs are available in a variety of different fields. Students who complete the French program may be employed or continue their education as:

  • French major jobs are available in a variety of different fields. Students who complete the French program may be employed or continue their education as:

    • Translators/Interpreters 
      • Business 
      • Law 
      • Manufacturing 
      • Travel/Tourism 
      • Healthcare 
    • Teachers
    • Government Workers 
      • Civil Service 
      • Customs 
      • Intelligence 
      • Language analysis 
    • Museum Employees 
    • Marketers 
    • Journalists/Broadcasters 
    • Social Workers 
    • Mission Workers 
    • Language Analysts 
    • Graduate School Students
  • Student Learning Outcomes

    Students who minor in French have the opportunity to

    • Demonstrate skills in speaking and writing the target language in a culturally appropriate manner.
    • Demonstrate understanding of spoken and written discourse from a variety of sources.
    • Link to other disciplines by analyzing how texts and other cultural artifacts reflect cultural values and religious, historic, political, geographical and economic elements.
    • Compare world cultures through analytical reflection of the connection between cultural perspectives, products and practices.