One Hundred Thirty-Nine Degrees Awarded at December Commencement

by Public Relations | Dec 17, 2018

Dec. 17, 2018

One hundred thirty-nine students were awarded bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees by Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., chancellor, and Br. Norman W. Hipps, O.S.B., president, in a traditional public ceremony which recognized the completion of their degree studies at the 14th annual December commencement ceremony of Saint Vincent College on Saturday, Dec. 15, in the Robert S. Carey Student Center. Graduates were presented by Dr. John J. Smetanka, vice president for academic affairs and academic dean, while Dr. Helen K. Burns, Ph.D., R.N., senior vice president and chief nursing officer for Excela Health, was the principal speaker. The Benediction was given by Fr. Killian Loch, O.S.B., Director of Campus Ministry.

Graduates are grouped below according to their hometown and zip code. The degree awarded and the major area of study follow each name.


ALLISON PARK (15101)                   
– Kyle Domenic Donovan, B.A., History, cum laude

ALTOONA (16601)                            
– Whitney Lynne Simmons, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist

BELLE VERNON (15012)                 
– Adam Glen Holliday, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering, magna cum laude
– Corissa Ann Krempasky, M.S., Criminology
– Richard Michael Opfer, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering, magna cum laude
– Dylan Anthony Stark, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering
– Rebecca Ann Vrescak, DNAP, Nurse Anesthesia Practice

BLAIRSVILLE (15717)                      
– Alyson M. Regula, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction
– Felecia Joy Watt, M.S., Criminology

BUTLER (16002)                                
– Zachary Andrew Kupec, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence

CLYMER (15728)                              
– Roman Joseph Tate, B.A., Criminology, Law and Society and Sociology, cum laude

CRESSON (16630)                           
– Alexis Danielle Dignan, B.A., Anthropology

DERRY (15627)                                
– Chelsea Marie Dominick, B.S., Management

FINLEYVILLE (15332)                       
– Luke Anthony Deanovich, B.A., Criminology, Law and Society

GIBSONIA (15044)                           
– Jeremy Blair Taylor, B.S., Marketing

GREENSBURG (15601)                   
– William Herbert Anders Jr., M.S., Management: Operational Excellence                                                         
– Erin Bilbrough, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist, award for academic excellence in nurse anesthesia                                                         
– Brittany Marie Brownlee, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Donald Jacob Cole, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction
– Brian L. DeCerb, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction
– Sarah Kathleen Fichter, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction
– Fabio Santino Flesik, M.S., Instructional Design and Technology
– Luke Anthony  Fox, B.S., Integrated Science
– Marley Rena Jacobs, M.S., Special Education
– Ariel Nicole James, M.S., Criminology
– Douglas Dakota Marcoz, B.S., Management
– Chase Sharkey O’Dell, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Carlee Ann Overly, B.A., Art Education, cum laude
– Cassandra Rae Overly, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction
– Forrest Read Peterson, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Kyle Wayne Runningen, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Katlyn Annmarie Welsh, B.A., Sociology, magna cum laude
– Yuting Xie, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence
– Paige Lindsay Zurenski, M.S., Criminology

GREENVILLE (16125)                      
– Susanna Marie Hogan, B.S., Early Childhood Education, cum laude

GROVE CITY (16127)                      
– Jacob H. Cline, B.S., Environmental Science

HOMER CITY (15748)                      
– Angela Marie George, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist

HUNKER (15639)                              
– Julie Anne Schrader, M.S., School Administration
– Sean Michael Higgins, B.S., Mathematics

INDIANA (15701)                              
– Marshall Christian Dietz, B.S., Finance

JEANNETTE (15644)                        
– Bailey Rae Chishko, B.S., Marketing
– Kelli Christine Hardin, M.S., Criminology
– Erica Breanne Palmer, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Mycal Paul Pedder, B.S., Management

JOHNSTOWN (15905)                     
– Victoria Louise Maher, M.S., Instructional Design and Technology

LATROBE (15650)                            
– David Mark Arnstam, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– James R. Bumar, M.S., Criminology
– Todd Hyrum Chapman, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Emily Jo Daily, B.A., English, cum laude
– Nicholas Carl Finlinson, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– John Robert Galvin, M.S., Criminology
– Clinton Ross Gebert, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Amber Ray Gritzer, B.A., Psychology Education
– Eli J. Holt, M.S., Criminology
– Maria Ranae Ingros, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist                                                            – Christopher Adam Jodis, M.S., Criminology                                                           
– Selin Konur, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence                                                           
– Raymond T. Levay Jr., B.S., Accounting, cum laude
– Julie Alexandra Marcinik, M.S., Criminology
– Mary Elizabeth Marinchak, B.A., Communication
– Chance Patrick McCoy, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Ronald Patrick Monack, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence
– Patrick Jonathan Self, B.S., Engineering Science, magna cum laude
– Katharine Lillian Stallings, B.S., Environmental Science                                                           
– Shane Henry Stevens, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Patrick James Trejo, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Chidinma Roseann Ukazu, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Jasmine Lynna Weems, M.S., Criminology
– Brandon James Wiser, B.S., Computer Science

LAUGHLINTOWN (15655)               
– Marcus John Croley, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction

LIGONIER (15658)                            
– Kimberly Lucretia Dickert-Wallace, M.S., Counselor Education
– Anastasia Rose Jaeger, B.A., Politics and English
– Sharon Ann Nincke, B.S., Marketing, magna cum laude

MASONTOWN (15461)                    
– Jonathan David Nace, M.S., Criminology

MCMURRAY (15317)                       
– Leonard Nicholas Walnoha, B.S., Accounting

MONONGAHELA (15063)                
– Michael Paul Donato, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering

MONROEVILLE (15146)                  
– Brook Alex Mead, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
– Jolyn Marie Pelesky, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist

MOUNT PLEASANT (15666)           
– Aldo Hiram Garcia, M.S., Criminology
– Chelsea Marie Nutter, B.S., Environmental Science and Biology
– Carly Michelle Rimel, B.A., Spanish, summa cum laude

MURRYSVILLE (15632)                   
– Steven Brooks Mobley, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist

NATRONA HEIGHTS (15065)         
– Kasara Ann Glesk, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction

NEW FLORENCE (15944)               
– Neal Matthew Nanassy, M.S., School Administration

NEW KENSINGTON (15068)           
– Alexis Nicole Roenigk, M.S., Criminology

– Caitlin Elizabeth Auth, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction
– Marissa Lynn Pecora, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction
– Michelle Ann Veverka, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence

NORTH VERSAILLES (15137)        
– Samuel Quao, B.S., Computing and Information Science

PENN (15675)                                   
– Robin Michelle Picklo, M.S., Counselor Education           

PITTSBURGH (15203)                     
– Matthew John Kolonich, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
(15206) – Susan Nadya Heppenstall, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence 
(15220) – Corey John Gulakowski, B.S., Management                        
(15227) – Rona Jolynn Gehring, B.A., Music Performance
(15228) – Molly Snyder, M.S., Counselor Education                        
(15229) – Courtney Lynn Rickard, M.S., Criminology
(15236) – Kevin Alexander Amlund, B.S., Marketing
– Kelly Lynn Malone, DNAP, Nurse Anesthesia Practice
(15237) – Daniel Joseph DiMattio, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist
(15239) – August Irvin Sander, M.S., Criminology

– Logan David DeLozier-Varnum, B.S., Management, cum laude

SALTSBURG (15681)      
– Michael John Faggioli Speal, M.S., Counselor Education

SCOTTDALE (15683)                       
– Anna Nicole Sowinski, B.S., Management

SEWICKLEY (15143)                        
– Richard Isaac Jernigan, B.A., Mathematics

TRAFFORD (15085)                         
– Patrick Cortazzo, B.S., Finance
– Edward Dean Steil Jr., M.S., Nurse Anesthetist

UNIONTOWN (15401)                      
– Marissa Taylor Wright, M.S., Criminology

VERONA (15147)                              
– Lauren Ashley Czerwien, B.A., Psychology

WARREN (16365)                             
– Jess Alan Jaynes, B.S., Computing and Information

WENDEL (15691)                              
– Brandy Lee Lockwood, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction                                                           

WEST NEWTON (15089)                 
– Jacob Anthony Brundage, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering, magna cum laude                                                           
– Travis Allen Conway, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering, magna cum laude

WHITE OAK (15131)                         
– Adam Striffler Galaski, B.S., Accounting, summa cum laude                                                           

WYANO (15695)                               
– Natalie Rose Kohuth, B.A., Liberal Arts

YOUNGWOOD (15697)                   
– Nicholas John Holtzer, B.S., Early Childhood Education                                             


IRVINE (92620)                                 
– Shristi Kafle, B.S., Management

SAN FRANCISCO (94116)               
– Patrick Arthur Majka Uland, B.A., Communication


PALM COAST (32164)                     
– Anna Katherine Henry, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence


MIDLAND (31820)                             
– Christian Delaney Trueax, M.S., Criminology


LOUISVILLE (40242)                        
– Ronald Payne, B.A., English                       
(40299) – Ian Robert Irvin, B.S., Marketing


BALTIMORE (21220)                        
– Patrick Joseph McElfish, B.A., Criminology, Law and Society

BOWIE (20716)                                 
– Samuel Gerhard Paquin, B.A., Communication

BRANDYWINE (20613)                    
– Kiara Damsha Arnold, B.A., Studio Arts

CHEVERLY (20785)                         
– Corey Don Warner, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist

GLEN BURNIE (21061)                    
– Ethan Thomas Shipley, B.A., Liberal Arts

– Robert Ingram Moore, B.A., Communication


JACKSON (08527)                            
– Michael Alexander Suchernick, B.A., History

PAULSBORO (08066)                      
– Tyler Joseph Adams, B.A., Criminology, Law and Society


STEUBENVILLE (43952)                  
– Gary Robert Sullivan-Kijanka, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist

TORONTO (43964)                           
– Anna Marie Gombar, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist


CULPEPER (22701)                         
– Jordan Benjamin Conville, M.S. Curriculum and Instruction

MIDLOTHIAN (23113)                      
– Madyson Patricia Dyer, B.S., Early Childhood Education


CHARLES TOWN (25414)               
– Donna Renee Balenger, DNAP, Nurse Anesthesia Practice
– Hannah Marian Galvin, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction

MORGANTOWN (26508)                
– Danielle Paige Repass, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist

MOUNDSVILLE (26041)                   
– Matthew William Anderson, M.S., Nurse Anesthetist


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