Kennametal Center for Operational Excellence (KCOE)

Mission: Our mission is to place qualified students within organizations where they can learn, grow and contribute by applying their knowledge of operational excellence to daily processes. Our goal to set employers up for success by providing them with quality employees that are equipped with the skills necessary to excel in the complex business environment and strive for world-class success.  We seek to strengthen the alignment between industry and academia in the community so that we can create a pipeline of talented people that funnel back into the community.

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The Kennametal Center for Operational Excellence (KCOE) is committed to creating internships for students.  Internship opportunities are available across a wide variety of industries and disciplines, including management, healthcare, manufacturing, operations, sales, and supply chain.  We offer assistance to all students, not just Business Management majors with minors in Operational Excellence. 

If you are interested in acquiring an internship, please fill out the KCOE Internship Questionnaire and return it to the KCOE office at your earliest convenience.  We will be glad to assist you in finding a quality internship in your area of interest.  

About Uskcoe-about

The KCOE can provide your organization with skilled individuals, trained in the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government at Saint Vincent College.  These individuals are capable of providing added value to organizations and customers across a variety of industries.  The added value our students can provide is contributed to the constant focus on seeking ways to continuously improve, solve problems, and eliminate waste streams. 

OE Tools

Problem Solving
Balanced Scorecard
Standard Work
Master Planning

Three Foundations

Roles and Responsibilities
The roles and responsibilities of leaders must be clear to maintain mutual trust and respect, and to empower front-line colleagues.

Visual Management
Visual management is about SEEING problems as they occur.  It helps manage information in simple visual ways.  If we can see it, we can act on it.

Plan, Do, Check, Analyze/Act (PDCA)
PDCA is a mindset and thought process that should be used in everything we do in OE.  In each PDCA cycle we must make a good plan (Plan), Implement the plan on time (Do), Evaluate whether or not the desired results are being achieved (Check), Get back on target (Analyze/Act), and repeat the cycle constantly.  PDCA helps avoid experiencing recurring problems and it makes continual improvement possible by always challenging the new standard.

What to Expect

  • A program committed to creating opportunities for industry professionals and students to interact and build long lasting relationships
  • Talented students passionate about making a difference and promoting a culture of mutual respect
  • Students eager to join organizations and implement OE tools that improve inefficiencies, customer satisfaction and perform on a world-class level
  • A strong emphasis on the importance of creating organizational cultures focused on continuous improvement and problem solving
  • Quality students that understand the criticality of being able to balance both the human and operational sides of business

  • Program Sponsorship

    We are always looking for new partnership and sponsorship opportunities.  A partnership with the KCOE will not only help the program better continue its mission, but it will also provide a valuable resource to your organization.  If you are interested in finding our more information, please review our sponsorship levels and contact our office to discuss opportunities in detail. 



  • Dr. Terrance D. Smith, Executive Director, KCOE

    “We are committed to increasing exposure for the KCOE program and our gifted students that are being educated in one of the best management programs in the country.  It is our responsibility to provide opportunities for these students to showcase their skills for organizations and show they are more than prepared for the challenges presented in such a volatile business environment.”