The Global Security Program

This interdisciplinary program of study provides students a broad perspective on the contemporary, policy-based considerations affecting the formulation of strategies for global security.  A crucial part of the minor, comprising a significant portion of the credits, develops the philosophical, theological and historical context of the current issues impacting global security today. 

Requirements for a Minor in Global Security

The course of study leading to the award of a Minor will require the student to successfully complete a series of upper level courses totaling 18 credits.

The student will select three courses from each of the two groups of courses below. The courses in Group A provide an important philosophical, theological and historical context for issues involving global security. The courses in Group B address contemporary, policy-based considerations affecting the formulation of strategies for global security in the current context.

A student required to take any of these courses to fulfill a requirement for their Major may not also count the course towards completion on the Minor. No more than two courses may be taken from any one Major field.

Group A:
HI 209 Issues in Contemporary East Asia - 3 credits
HI 228 20th Century America - 3 credits
HI 233 History of Latin America - 3 credits
HI 280 Islamic Civilization I - 3 credits
HI 281 Islamic Civilization II - 3 credits
PL215 Ethics - 3 credits
PL271 Catholic Political Thought - 3 credits
PL303 Eastern Thought - 3 credits
TH255 Religion and Politics - 3 credits
TH380 World Religions - 3 credits 

Group B:
PS 242 International Politics - 3 credits
PS 343 Comparative Politics - 3 credits
PS 375 International Law - 3 credits
PS 341 Global Terrorism - 3 credits
CLS 320 White Collar Crime - 3 credits
CLS 340 Homeland Security - 3 credits
CLS375 International Criminal Law - 3 credits
CLS 376 Federal Criminal Law - 3 credits
CLS 344 Financing of Criminal Organizations - 3 credits
One of the following:  
CS 225 Cybersecurity - 3 credits  
CS 321 Data Communications and Networking Security - 3 credits  
CS 325 Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity - 3 credits

  • Student Learning Outcomes

    Student completing the minor will have:

    • engaged with cultures, other than our own, in a philosophical, theological and/or historical context beyond the requirements of the College’s core curriculum, and,
    • demonstrated a knowledge of strategic and policy-based considerations in several major areas impacting global security today.