• Scheduling priority will be given to academic classes through the Registrar's office. 
  • Setup of facilities may not be altered unless prior approval has been obtained. 
  • Scheduling of classrooms for non-academic purposes must be requested through the web scheduling system and will be approved by the Registrar on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • External groups should reserve classrooms through Event and Conference Services. Please note there is limited availability during the academic year. 
  • Audio-visual equipment is operated by the Service Desk. Any malfunction of equipment should be reported immediately by calling x4357.
  • Alfred Hall

    Alfred Inventory

  • Aurelius Hall

    Aurelius Inventory

  • Headmasters Hall

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  • Placid Hall

    Placid Inventory

  • Prep Hall

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  • Robert S. Carey Student Center

    Robert S. Carey Center Inventory

Residence Halls
  • Rooney Hall

    Rooney Hall features both suites and apartments that are double and quadruple occupancy, respectively. Bathrooms are shared by occupants, and there is central air conditioning. Rooney Hall has 79 rooms with 182 beds, including 6 rooms with single private baths. There are 15 quadruple occupancy apartments with a common living space and kitchenette.

  • Saint Benedict Hall

    Saint Benedict Hall features pod style double occupancy rooms. Bathrooms are communal, and there is central air conditioning. Saint Benedict has 238 rooms with 452 beds, including 17 rooms with private baths.

  • Aurelius Hall

    Aurelius Hall rooms have two bedrooms with a shared living space. Bathrooms are communal, and there is central air conditioning. Aurelius Hall has 30 rooms with 57 beds, in addition to 3 rooms with private baths.

Campus Spaces

Campus Spaces including Athletic Fields, Gymnasium, Performing Arts Center, Lecture Halls, Meeting Spaces and Dining Halls may be available for use. Please contact Event and Conference Services for more information.

Summer Camp Policies

All summer camps and conferences must be reserved through Event and Conference Services.