The Student Government Association supports the mission of the College to be a Catholic, liberal arts institution in the Benedictine tradition. This organization works to create an environment for students which respects student rights and each person’s development, opportunities, and talents. The Student Government Association wishes to improve the quality of life for students, whether residing on campus or commuting to the College, and is interested in basic issues such as residence life, sports activities, and recreational and cultural programs. The Student Government Association builds community at the College by providing respectful interaction between administrators, students, faculty, and staff. The Student Government Association supports the College’s efforts to establish a drug-free, violence-free, and harassment-free environment. The Student Government Association supports adequate counseling and tutoring services and technological upgrades. The Student Government Association is founded on the basic principles of honesty, community, dedication to service, ethical behavior, productive teamwork, and development of the person as a whole.

The purposes of the Saint Vincent College Student Government Association are to act as a liaison between the administration and the student body by representing and being attentive to student concerns and interests; improve the quality of student life by affecting change in regard to campus and policy development and by overseeing student activities, both social and academic; and to preserve the College’s commitment to traditional, Benedictine, values and a strong, liberal arts education.

SGA Committees

Academic Affairs, Alumni, Events, Financial Advisory Board, Facilities Maintenance Office, Dining Services, Public Relations, Public Safety, Residence Hall Committee, Student Services. SGA has committees to handle various student concerns regarding your student experience at Saint Vincent College.

SGA Senate

Each class has elected officers and senators as well as hall and commuter representatives to represent you, the students of Saint Vincent College.